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Reiki: What it is and How it Works

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

There is a lot of information on the internet about what Reiki is, however, I've decided to give my personal perspective using some documented fact and some intuitive wisdom.

Traditional Definition

Reiki is the universal spiritual wisdom of life energy. It is present everywhere and it's the non-physical energy animating all living things. Reiki is the life force which brings about life as we know it on this planet. Through training and an attunement process from a Reiki Master, Reiki practitioners harness this life force energy for healing work (either on themselves or on others). When channeling this life force, a practitioner can focus this energy in the body to promote the body's natural healing tendencies. Our body's are AMAZING and want to be in a state of ultimate health and wellness...if only we could move ourselves out of the way to allow this to happen.

Although there are suggested methodologies and standards for how to deliver Reiki treatments, I think all practitioners utilize their own gifts and abilities when having a session with a client. I've seen some practitioners be silent the entire time while they focus on harnessing the energy and moving it through the clients body. I've seen some integrate their intuitive gifts or mediumship abilities, and I know of hairdressers and massage therapists who use Reiki on their willing clients while offering their other services. Reiki is a gentle addition to any healing modality, but also amazing on it's own.

When I practice Reiki it's a very sacred experience. My soul accesses a different dimension and I can see in my mind's eye a person's complete energy makeup. I see, hear and feel shapes, colours, tethers, cords, pain, inflammation, chakras and the aura. Then I add in my own intuitive abilities of being clairaudient (hearing information) and claircognizant (knowing information without having a basis to know it), and the magic happens. Not all Reiki practitioners utilize other abilities, and that's ok too, but I've decided to use my gifts to make a Reiki treatment magical. When I enter into a person's energetic field it's as if it comes alive in my mind's eye. Sometimes assistance from all over the universe comes in from your guides, angels, those who have passed over, animal spirits and ascended masters. I can never anticipate or expect what happens in a session and I'm continually surprised in the direction each session takes. Perhaps what I do isn't only Reiki, but it's certainty an integral part of the experience.

The BEST Part About Reiki: It Releases Trapped Emotions

In my experience as a Reiki practitioner, emotional stagnation causes a significant amount of 'dis'ease in the physical body. For example, let's say you have an extremely repetitive angry encounter with someone and you choose not to express this anger (in any way) and instead you choose to ignore it and perhaps even suppress it. Well, guess what? That anger still sits in your body unexpressed and it FESTERS. Anger, for example, usually sits in the liver and if the volume is enough, it will start to cause liver problems. They body's organs are meant to help filter and experience emotions, but if you consciously choose to ignore them, they sit in these organs and cause them to disfunction. This malfunctioning causes discomfort as it's your body's way of telling you to PAY ATTENTION and focus on releasing the low vibrations residing in the organ. Louise Hay wrote an entire book (You Can Heal Your Life) about what emotions can get trapped within each area of the body. Trapped emotions have a tangible energetic weight and I put a lot of focus on helping my clients release these in Reiki treatments as it can be profoundly healing.

Reiki is super gentle as it never crosses the line of giving you more than you can handle. As it's harnessing a Divine energy channel, your soul inherently knows how much energy adjusting you can take and you get just enough every time. I love working on people who are spiritually open because it amplifies the sessions. If you are open and understand the messages coming through and allow yourself to release, then you start healing yourself while having the Reiki support, facilitate and guide you.

As we are coming up to Thanksgiving I'll close with a few Reiki things I am thankful for. I am forever grateful to the universe and to my own Reiki Master's for sharing their gifts with me as I am now able to use Reiki as a tool to support the ascension of the collective consciousness. I am also grateful for Reiki being widely recognized in society as a healing modality and for more people being open to experiencing it. If I had come out of the closet as an energy healer 30 years ago, I'm not sure it would have been widely celebrated as it has been in 2020! I'm also thankful and grateful for everyone taking the time to read this and for all of my clients who have trusted me with their energy and who have allowed me to venture into self-employment.

May you love and be the light.


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