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This 1/2 size pyramid has citrine, selenite, yellow flower petals, coffee beans.


Selenite is a popular crystal when it comes to cleansing and clearing the home or office space. It dispels negative energy and enhances clarity, focus, and creates calm in any space. It enhances team spirit in groups and organizations and is a great crystal to have in your work environment.


Citrine increases creativity, protects you from negative energies, activates your intuition and helps to manifest abundance, wealthy, and prosperity.


Coffee beans can remove energy blockages, boost spells, remove curses, dispel ghosts, and increase happiness and luck.


Orgonite is made by combining crystals, copper and organic resin.

This combination:

  • Balances and harmonizes bioenergy
  • Transmutes negative frequencies to positive frequencies
  • Can bring balance to the body
  • Elevates vibrations in the body
  • Can assist with manifestation of thoughts


Orgonite pieces are great to keep around electronics to help combat the electromagnetic frequencies in your home, office, or space. Orgonite can be programmed with an intention and the device will powerfully transmit this intention out into the universe.

1/2 Pyramid with Citrine and Selenite

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