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Orgonite is made by combining crystals, metal and organic resin.

This combination:

  • Balances and harmonizes bioenergy;

  • Transmutes negative frequencies to positive frequencies;

  • Can bring balance to the body; and

  • Elevates vibrations in the body.


Orgonite pieces are great to keep around electronics to help combat the electromagnetic frequencies in your home, office, or space. Orgonite can be programmed with an intention and the device will powerfully transmit this intention out into the universe.

Self-Led Primordial
Sound Meditation Course

Mandi is a certified Chopra Meditation Instructor from Deepak Chopra's organization.

In this course you will:

1) Learn the Primordial Sound Meditation technique and receive a personal mantra based on your birth information.

2) Learn how to perfect your meditation practice.

3) Become aware of the higher states of consciousness.

You will soon be able to purchase Mandi's online version of the self-led full Primordial Sound Meditation course. Check back in January of 2023 for purchase information.

Coming Soon

Charcuterie Boards

Unique resin and wood charcuterie boards meticulously handmade in Alberta. Each beautiful board may be customized with handles for easy serving. Fully custom orders available for boards, or other resin art projects.

Energy Tools

Various energy wellness tools to assist with keeping the energy around you at a high frequency.

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