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6 Ways to Energetically Protect Yourself

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

As we elevate our consciousness, it becomes more important to energetically protect ourselves. As our consciousness ascends to accessing and working with high frequencies, we must ensure we are spiritually protected from any lower vibrations (entities, negativity, non-light beings, other people, etc.).

Below are some suggested ways to protect your energy. This is not a complete and exhaustive list and as I find new ones, or receive suggestions from others, I will keep this list updated.

Get Grounded.

Utilizing Mother Earth's generous and sweet healing energies is integral for optimum energetic health. If you have a strong connection to nature and to the earth, then Mother Earth (Gaia) can help you to release and let go of what is not serving you. Connecting our root energy center to Gaia can be done in a number of ways as long as something from the natural world is involved.

  • Spend time outside in nature in whatever way you are drawn to. Activities can include things like hiking, biking, skiing, walking, swimming, sitting, sunbathing, listening to the wind, camping, watching a fire, etc.

  • Have bare feet as often as possible. When we artificially protect our feet with shoes and socks, we miss out on feeling our body contact the ground. Our feet hold us on the ground and it is critical to have skin contact with the earth or floor to bring our attention downwards.

  • Visualize tree roots growing from your feet into the earth. This practice will bring your attention downwards and get you connected on the earth plane.

  • Visualize a cord of golden light coming from the base of your spine and connecting to the core of the earth. Start with seeing a red ball of light in your root energy center and intentionally lead a golden cord from this space into the ground, all the way to the center of the earth. Connect this golden cord at the core of the earth and visualize channeling energy from the core all the way back to you with every breath. This is a very powerful exercise and doesn't take a lot of time to do.

Shield yourself with an energy bubble.

This is one of my favorites as it's effective and can be done quickly wherever you are. Start by visualizing a white light in your chest, then send this white light outwards, creating a bubble, shield or pillar of white light around you. Give this bubble the intention of protecting you from whatever doesn't serve your highest and greatest good.

Clear lower vibrations from your space.

As energy is neither created or destroyed, we sometimes unintentionally have residual low frequency energy in the spaces where we spend the most time (home, office, car etc.). Clearing the space where our physical body resides will allow us to retain high vibrations as we move through life.

  • Smudge your space with cedar, sage, or sweetgrass. Only use sage if you understand how to use this sacred medicine. Checkout this article on sage use:

  • Use specific essential oils in a diffuser, or spray in the space you will be in (sage, Palo Santo, peppermint, cedar, frankincense, lavender, juniper, or any citrus fruit).

  • Have specific clearing crystals around (clear quartz, smoky quartz, selenite etc.).

  • Send out the intention of having an energetically clear space to the universe. Close your eyes, visualize your space being clear and give thanks to the universe for providing a high vibration area.

  • If you've been attuned to the Reiki symbols, use these on all six sides of any room (four walls, ceiling and floor) for both clearing and protection.

Ask for protection.

Thoughts and spoken words have energy. Simply having an intention to protect yourself and sending it out to the universe allows the creation of the intention to take place.

  • Say out loud or in your mind "Only those energies here for my highest and greatest good are allowed in this space and all others must leave. By my will so it is."

  • Give thanks specifically to Archangel Michael for protecting you. As soon as you mention his name, he will hear you and honor your request if it is coming from pure intentions.

  • Create your own protection ritual guided by your intuition. Sit quietly and listen from within yourself for guidance on how to create energetic protection.

Use protective tools.

We have access to an unlimited number of symbols, sacred geometry, spiritual, and intuitive tools to assist us in protecting our energies. Find tools that resonate with you, which might even shift over time. The first three listed below are what I use daily and the last one can be used when you need some extra support.

  • The Hamsa (a hand with a protective eye in the middle) is the universal sign of protection and is believed to protect against all negative energies. Wear the Hamsa in jewelry, on clothing, draw it around you, or simply see it in your mind's eye to utilize it's protective properties.

  • Specific crystals such as tourmaline and obsidian are great to have around you for protection. I keep a slab of tourmaline at the front door of my house and have programmed it to repel negativity out of my home.

  • If you are attuned to the Reiki symbols, using them with the intention to protect can be very useful for maintaining safe energies around you.

  • Protection mantra, phrase or prayers work when spoken, or said within yourself. "I hereby protect my energy from anything that does not serve my highest and greatest good." Use anything that resonates with you and allow your intuition to guide you with what exact words to say.

Clear and cleanse your physical body.

As you protect your energy, you will also want to rid your physical body of unwanted lower frequencies to keep you vibrating high.

  • Take Epsom salt baths. This magnesium rich salt, while mixed with warm water is incredibly soothing, but it also naturally clears and cleanses anything not serving you. In addition, Epsom salt is of the Earth and is therefore very grounding.

  • Eat real food. Eat nutritious and real foods such as fruits, veggies and legumes. Eat Non-Genetically Modified (Non-GMO) food. When food is genetically modified, it no longer has the natural DNA strands as its code and its vibrations have been altered. Minimize animal products and manmade "foods" as these tend to lower your vibrations given the body has to work harder to digest them.

  • Avoid toxins in your food - yes this might mean eating organically. At the very least, research where your food is coming from and understand how it is produced. Maybe even grow your own food in a garden.

  • Avoid alcohol and pharmaceuticals as these suppress high frequencies and can cloud your third eye.

Meditation, practicing gratitude, being mindful of your thoughts, and avoiding the news and toxic people will also help to maintain your energetic sanctuary.

Practice any, or all, of the above ways to energetically protect yourself regularly. The higher you vibrate, the more you will connect with the higher aspects of yourself, and the less you may experience suffering. We can all experience heaven on earth - all it take is a bit of effort.

May you love and be the light,


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