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Devani Master Healer Reiki Master Primordial Sound Meditation California
Devani Clarity Breathwork in Pachamama Reiki Master Healer California

VirtuaL Breathwork or Reiki Sessions


Breathwork sessions are 1 hour 45 minutes and include in-depth discussions, 60 minutes of clarity breathwork, and a session debrief.

Clarity Breathwork allows you to release toxins, transform the source of dis-ease, visit and release past traumas in a safe and gentle way, unravel relationship issues, attract new relationships, increase joy and pleasure in life, and access expanded states of consciousness.


Virtual Reiki sessions are 75 minutes.

Devani is a Reiki Master in Usui, Violet Flame, Karuna, and Holy Fire and will send life force energy into the physical, mental, emotional, and spritual aspects of your life. Your session will include a tarot card reading, and may include quantum healing, light language, and/or meditation.  Devani combines life force energy with her clarivoyant abilities and will share any divine messages as they come up in the session.

Virtual sessions are held via Zoom.

*Distance Reiki is also available via phone, or at a mutually agreed time for those that choose to not connect via Zoom.

Primordial sound meditation MANTRAS & COURSE

Devani is a certified Chopra Meditation Instructor from Deepak Chopra's organization.

Schedule a meditation session to receive your personalized Primordial Sound Mantra.

You will soon be able to purchase Devani's online version of the self-led full Primordial Sound Meditation course. Check back in Winter of 2024 for purchase information.

In this course you will:

1) Learn the Primordial Sound Meditation technique and receive a personal mantra based on your birth information.

2) Learn how to perfect your meditation practice.

3) Become aware of the higher states of consciousness.

Devani Reiki Master Clarity Breathwork Primordial Sound Meditation Mantra Chopra California

virtual card reading

Receive a tarot card reading via Zoom to illuminate what energy is resonating in your field. Devani will also utilize her clairvoyant, claircognizant, and clairaudient abilities to provide you with intuitive messages during your session.

Devani Taro Card Readings Virtual California
Devani Reiki Master Healer Teacher Clarity Breathwork Primordial Sound Meditation California Virtual

Meditations with DEVANI

Listen to a pre-recorded meditation via the Insight Timer app, with live sessions monthly.

Insight Timer is free and no preparation or experience is necessary.

Self-care of the mind can help you keep focused, relieve anxiety, and foster creativity.

Usui Reiki Courses

Learn the healing practice of Reiki for your own use, or for use on others.

Level 1: Explore the history of Reiki, the energy systems and nature of Reiki energy, ethics, hand positions, practical applications and receive an attunement.

Level 2: Focused on mental and emotional healing, learn about the Reiki symbols, delivering distance sessions, developing your intuition, and receive an attunement.

Reiki Classes Reiki Master California Virtual
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