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Sedona FEBRUARY 2025
aligning WITH THE new earth
Retreat WEEK

We find ourselves at the dawning of the Golden Age, also known as the Satya Yuga — a time where truth, virtue, and spirituality reign. We are transitioning into a time of heightened consciousness and enlightenment, where humanity lives in harmony with the divine and the natural world. This is considered the most spiritually elevated and idyllic phase in the cosmic cycle and we are here at the dawning of the New Earth to welcome in this time of enlightenment. Join us as we mix ancient wisdom with modern minds to attune ourselves to the frequencies of the Golden Age. We will surround ourselves with sacred spaces, daily inward practices, and experience a week of expansion.


I'm currently working with a team of expert professionals to create this transformative event so everything is taken care of for you.  If you are interested in learning more or attending, add yourself to the event list to find out first as things develop.

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