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What is Reiki?

Updated: Jun 3

Since relocating from Canada to Los Gatos, California, I've been fielding lots of curious questions about what I do. When I mention I'm an Energy Healer, I often get puzzled looks. Saying I'm a Reiki Therapist usually helps, but it inevitably leads to "What is Reiki?".


a woman with purple reiki light coming from her hands with the word Reiki in a bubble

While there's plenty of information online about Reiki, I thought it would be fun to share my personal perspective, blending some teaching material I use with a touch of intuitive wisdom.


Reiki has Japanese roots and is the universal spiritual wisdom of life energy, present everywhere and animating all living things. It's the life force that brings life as we know it to this planet. Through training and attunement from a Reiki Master, practitioners harness this energy for healing work, whether on themselves or others. By channeling this life force, a practitioner can enhance the body's innate healing tendencies. I see Reiki as a way to bring vibrancy to everything in the world—our bodies, relationships, animals, plants, ideas, places, things, even parking spots! I picture the energy uplifting and energizing whatever it comes in contact with. Reiki is similar to when we pray for someone or something, we are directing our attention to it, thereby increasing its vibrancy. In my view, Reiki is the vehicle that carries this uplifting energy to where it's needed.

Reiki is particularly healing when we direct it into our body, and our bodies are AMAZING and naturally seek ultimate health and wellness—if only we could get out of our own way to let it happen! While there are suggested methodologies for Reiki treatments, each practitioner brings their unique gifts and abilities to the table. Some practitioners remain silent, focusing on harnessing and moving the energy, while others integrate their intuitive gifts or mediumship abilities. I've even seen hairdressers and massage therapists use Reiki on their willing clients during their sessions. Reiki is a gentle addition to any service modality but is also powerful on its own.


When I send Reiki to my clients, it's a truly sacred experience. My soul accesses a different dimension, allowing me to see a person's complete energy makeup in my mind's eye. I perceive shapes, colors, tethers, cords, pain, inflammation, chakras, and more. Then, I combine my intuitive abilities—clairaudience (hearing information) and claircognizance (knowing information without a basis)—and the magic happens. Not all Reiki practitioners tap into these abilities, but it definitely makes my sessions magical when I can perceive beyond the 3D, adding extra flavor and context. When I enter a person's energetic field, it comes alive in my mind's eye. Assistance often comes from guides, angels, those who have passed over, animal spirits, and ascended masters. Each session is a surprise, continually taking new directions. Perhaps what I do isn't only Reiki, but it's certainly an integral part of the experience.

Devani in Los Gatos CA providing a Reiki session to a client
Devani giving a Reiki session in the mobile Healing Van

Reiki Can Release Trapped Emotions

In my experience, emotional stagnation causes significant 'dis-ease' in the physical body. For example, if you have repeated angry encounters and choose to suppress that anger, it festers inside you, often sitting in the liver and causing problems over time. Our organs are meant to filter and experience emotions, but ignoring them leads to dysfunction and discomfort. This is your body's way of telling you to PAY ATTENTION and release those low vibrations. Louise Hay's book, "You Can Heal Your Life," delves into what emotions can get trapped in each area of the body. Trapped emotions have tangible weight, and I focus on helping clients release these in Reiki treatments, which can be profoundly healing.

Reiki can help with all types of ailments such as: sadness, anxiety, illness & injuries, empowerment, relations with family and friends, parenting issues, spousal relationships, inspiration and motivation, self-doubt and insecurities, power imbalances, accessing ancestral wisdom and guidance, clearing stagnant energy, manifestation, weight management, grief & loss, self image, pregnancy, betrayal, and any area of life that needs more vibrancy.

Reiki is incredibly gentle and never gives you more than you can handle. By receiving this Divine energy, your soul knows exactly how much energy adjustment you need, and you always get just the right amount. I love working with spiritually open individuals because it amplifies the sessions. If you are open to the messages coming through and allow yourself to release, you begin to heal yourself with Reiki's support, facilitation, and guidance.

Reiki has become such an important part of my life and I enjoy curating the perfect session for my clients either online via Zoom, or in-person in my mobile Healing Van in the South Bay Area in Los Gatos California. Over the years, I've witnessed dramatic shifts in my clients after Reiki sessions. They tell me a session feels like a warm hug or a magical potion that enhances areas of their lives that they never thought possible.

I love Reiki because it brings so much good into the world in a time when it's desperately needed. I hope you have a better understanding of what Reiki is after reading this, and I'd love to answer any of your questions, or hear your thoughts so post your comments below!

With love,



I am a light worker dedicated to the elevation and ascension of the collective human consciousness. I use Clarity Breathwork, Reiki and Meditation to empower my clients to realize their best selves.

I am certified in Usui, Karuna, Holy Fire, and Violet Flame Reiki, and work with Deepak Chopra sharing his Primordial Sound Meditation to support the vision of having 1 billion people meditating regularly.

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