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Reiki for Los Gatos, CA

Hi, I'm Devani, and I just moved to Los Gatos, CA from Canada. I offer a mobile Reiki service here in Los Gatos, CA where I drive to your location and you have your Reiki session in the Healing Van, a fancy Reiki studio on wheels! Read more about the Healing Van here, or book a session here. I sometimes combine Reiki with Clarity Breathwork in my sessions, I always include a Tarot Card reading, and I share with you any intuitive downloads I receive while working in your energy field.

What's Reiki?

Reiki has Japanese roots and is the universal spiritual wisdom of life energy, present everywhere and animating all living things. It's the life force that brings life as we know it to this planet. Through training and attunement from a Reiki Master, practitioners harness this energy for healing work, whether on themselves or others. By channeling this life force, a practitioner can enhance the body's innate healing tendencies. I see Reiki as a way to bring vibrancy to everything in the world—our bodies, relationships, animals, plants, ideas, places, things, even parking spots! I picture the energy uplifting and energizing whatever it comes in contact with. Reiki is similar to when we pray for someone or something, we are directing our attention to it, thereby increasing its vibrancy. Click here to read more.

I'd love for you to try a Reiki session in the Healing Van in Los Gatos, CA! Please checkout the rest of my website while you're here.

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