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Cosmic Rose is On an Expansion Break

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

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2023 has started out as a year of incredible change and transition for myself personally. Collectively we are also deciding what the future may bring for humanity as we shift out of the pandemic era and into the New World full of 5D frequencies.

Being a healer comes with great responsibility, and I choose to keep my cup full at all times in order to serve you all. After months of deep contemplation, I have decided to travel, rest, and expand my skillset by taking courses from world renowned thought leaders. Starting in June I will travel to Hawaii with Deepak Chopra and spend a week at his Seduction of Spirit retreat while learning the sutras in the time honoured oral tradition. In July I will be in Costa Rica taking Clarity Breathwork training with Dana Dharma Devi and Ashanna Solaris. For the remainder of 2023 I plan to travel to California where I will finish my Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy certification with Marisa Peer online while learning to surf and digging deep into my yoga practice. I am being called to rest and allow nature to soothe and ground me so I can return rejuvenated with new experiences to offer you all.

I will be pausing with taking clients from the middle of June to sometime in August, but will eventually continue with virtual Reiki sessions, virtual intuitive readings, online meditations, and more. I will send an email and post on Instagram when I become available online again.

It's been a busy Spring with April to June sessions fully booked and I unfortunately cannot take anymore session bookings at this time. If you have been brought to this page, I would suggest following me on Instagram where I will continue to post intuitive messages as we shift to the New Earth energies.

I look forward to reconnecting with everyone later in the year and bringing my new skills into sessions!

May you love and be the light,

Devani Breathworker Reiki Master Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher in California

Cosmic Rose Breathwork Reiki Meditation

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