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Embracing the Fifth Dimension: Virtual Reiki Sessions at Cosmic Rose

In the transformative year of 2020, I embarked into the realm of delivering virtual Reiki sessions. At the outset, I must admit, I carried a glimmer of hesitation. However, I placed my trust in the timeless wisdom of Sensei Usui, whose teachings have guided Reiki practitioners and Masters for a century

Hands delivering distance and virtual healing energy in a reiki session with reiki master Devani

in the art of delivering healing energy across distances. So let's talk about virtual Reiki and explore how these sessions work their mystical wonders and why they stand as equals to the traditional in-person Reiki experience.

The Fifth Dimension

First, let’s demystify the concept of the fifth dimension. In traditional Reiki, we understand energy flows within the three dimensions we’re familiar with: length, width, and height. However, in the fifth dimension, we enter the realm of pure energy and consciousness. It’s a place where time and space are no longer constraints. This dimension allows us to connect on a deeper, more profound level.

The Virtual Connection

The core of a Reiki session is the exchange of energy between the practitioner and the client. Many have wondered how this can be achieved when the physical presence is absent. Well, in the fifth dimension, distance is irrelevant. Through the power of intention, visualization, and a deep connection, I can channel energy across the virtual realm just as effectively as in person.

Virtual Reiki sessions are conducted via Zoom allowing both of us to see and hear each other. The real magic happens when we close our eyes and go inward. It’s as if we’re in the same room, even though we might be thousands of miles apart. The energy flows seamlessly, transcending the limitations of physical proximity.

The Benefits of Virtual Reiki

You might be wondering if virtual Reiki sessions are as beneficial as traditional, in-person sessions. The answer is a resounding yes. Here are some reasons why virtual Reiki is equally powerful:

  • Comfort and Relaxation: Many clients feel more relaxed and comfortable in their own space. This can lead to a deeper state of relaxation, making it easier for the energy to flow and for healing to take place.

  • Accessibility: Virtual Reiki breaks down geographical barriers. It’s ideal for clients who can’t access an in-person session due to distance or other constraints.

  • Flexibility: Scheduling is often more flexible with virtual sessions, making it easier to find a time that works for you.

  • Safe and Healing Space: You can create a sacred space in your own home, enhancing the overall healing experience.

The Cosmic Rose Difference

I’ve been working with Reiki energy for over seven years, and I bring a unique set of intuitive abilities to our sessions, including clairvoyance and clairaudience. I’ve harnessed the power of the fifth dimension to offer virtual Reiki sessions that are just as transformative as in-person ones. My experience and intuitive skills allow me to connect with you on a profound level, facilitating healing and balance.

Energy knows no bounds, and with my intention and connection, I can provide exceptional healing and spiritual growth in virtual sessions. If you’re curious about the transformative power of virtual Reiki, book a session, and I’d be honored to take you on a journey through the fifth dimension.


A picture of Devani with dreadlocks in San Diego California by the ocean

I am a light worker dedicated to the elevation and ascension of the collective human consciousness. I use Clarity Breathwork, Reiki and Meditation to empower my clients to realize their best selves.

I am certified in Usui, Karuna, Holy Fire, and Violet Flame Reiki, and work with Deepak Chopra sharing his Primordial Sound Meditation to support the vision of having 1 billion people meditating regularly.

Cosmic Rose Breathwork Reiki Meditation California

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