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The 5th Dimension and Humanity's Ascension

The fifth dimension is a frequency within our consciousness where time and space no longer constrict us, and where unity consciousness is present. The shaman's have prophesized humanity will evolve to become light beings, and I believe this shift is happening now. The lightworkers, star seeds, indigo children, wayshowers, and healers are being called by a higher power to support this evolutionary transition NOW.

What is the 5th Dimension?

The 5th dimension is not a place, it's a higher state of consciousness where love, compassion, and unity are paramount. Some humans now operate multi-dimensionally and have learned how to shift their vibration to resonate within the 3rd dimension when needed but can also shift into the 5th dimension. When resonating in the 5th dimension we are able to see the bigger picture to understand we are all connected, while operating from a place of heart-centered living and we make decisions based on what feels in alignment with our highest good. To operate in the 5th dimension we must transcend the egoic mind and live in a state of love, light, and peace while letting negativity exit our lives. Learn more about the 5th dimension by watching the below video.

How Do We Ascend to the 5th Dimension?

Firstly, you will naturally be pulled into doing inner work, shadow work, or emotional healing to gently allow any low vibrations to exit your being. If you are reading this blog right now, know you have been called and that it is time for you to start, or continue doing your inner work. You may have an inner sense, or deep desire for spiritual growth and expansion. Old patterns and ways of being will start to let go within the body and mind and you will be pulled to qualities embodied in the 5th dimension such as compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and love. If you need a tangible action to latch onto - meditate regularly! Meditation will allow you to expand your inner awareness into your conscious life.

Why Is Humanity Ascending Now?

Humanity has forgotten our true history of where we came from and why we are here. We have reached a tipping point where the negative energy that has been holding us back can no longer sustain itself. The frequency of love and light is becoming stronger than the frequency of fear and hatred. Many people on the awakening path are raising the collective consciousness and expanding the light within and around us, sparking others to do the same, and illuminating any darkness in ourselves, and within society and the collective. It is time now for the light to shine brightly to bring pure love and peace to this Earth.

We are all on a journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth. If you feel called to do inner work such as shadow work or emotional healing, know that you are not alone—you are part of a larger group of people who are ascending to the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension is a higher state of consciousness where love, compassion, unity, and heart-centered living are paramount. As more people awaken to their true nature and begin embodying these qualities, we collectively raise the vibration of the planet so that humanity can ascend to the 5th dimension. If you would like some assistance on the ascension path, please reach out, or book a Reiki session with me where we can explore some ways to elevate your vibe!

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