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Energy Release Script

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Have you ever felt as though something just isn't right within your being? Low vibrational energies can be attracted to certain frequencies and can get attached to your physical body or mind.

Butterfly releasing

These energy leachers can siphon your high vibes and can negatively affect your mood, motivation, and natural healthy state. When you sense something is "off", listen to your intuition and use your will to evict these energies from your being. Banishing low vibrational attachments can be done simply by stating your intention to do so and feeling into your personal power.

I've taken a script I received from William Lee Rand in one of my Reiki Master courses and have made it my own. This script must be read out loud, with intention and focus, and preferably within sacred space. Feel free to use this as is or make it your own. Recite it as many times as feels appropriate and get excited about taking back your power!


I ask Divine love and forgiveness to flow through all energy within me which is not part of the Divine plan, on every level of existence, and flow through all their effects, all their cords and connectors and sources of power and through all their assignments and all those who have given them assignments.

I ask Divine love and forgiveness to completely RELEASE and HEAL all energy not part of the Divine plan. I ask all the effects of this low vibrational energy be released and healed, along with all cords and connectors, and sources of power, and all its assignments and all those who have given it assignments be completely released and healed. I ask that Divine will for this energy and all their effects be completely manifest.

I am grateful to the Divine for this healing.

I ask Divine love and healing to flow through the part of me that allowed any low vibration energy to be present so it can be completely healed and cannot be used by low vibrational energy ever again. I send this part to the third heaven or higher where it will dwell in Divine love and peace forever.

I pray this process will continue for as long as is necessary until it is complete according to Divine love and wisdom.

Cosmic Rose Breathwork Reiki Meditation

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