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Orgone Generators

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

If you follow me on social media then you may have seen the beautiful Orgonite pieces we've been making. We started creating these serendipitously. My husband Dave has been working with resin and creating gorgeous resin infused wood furniture for years. One day we were playing around with adding crystals and other things to the resin and I could suddenly start to feel a higher vibration happening in our kitchen as we were creating our artwork. And then it hit me - I had seen pyramids with crystals, resin and metal before at a spiritual fair years earlier. I knew there was more to understand about what we had accidently started creating. After some lengthy research I realized we were meant to make these Orgone Generators and to help spread the word about orgone energy.

Below are some samples of some pyramids we've made. Visit my online store here for the latest available orgonite.

Orgone energy has been heavily researched, scientifically validated, and well documented. Positive orgone energy has been proven to have healing properties, which Dr. Wilhelm Reich was researching right before the FDA put him in jail and burned all of his research papers. Dr. Wilhelm Reich's research proved positive orgone energy could cure disease and illness (including cancer), clear energy blockages in the body, and create overall equilibrium in the body.

When we are surrounded by too much dead orgone energy generated from electromagnetic devices around us (Wi-Fi, radio waves, microwaves, electronics, appliances, powerlines, vehicles etc.) our body has a negative response such as diminished blood flow and oxygen to organs, impairment of body systems, increased blood sugar, increased blood pressure and heart rate, interference with cell metabolism, anxiety, depression, arthritis and more. Hmm....sounds like the ailments of today's North Americans doesn't it?

This video shows some quick facts about Orgone Energy and how it works and is definitely worth your time to watch.

Although we can't control the electromagnetic emitting devices around us, we can use orgone energy itself to harness Positive Orgone Energy for healing. All you need is an Orgone Generator, or Orgonite, such as the ones we make! By putting these devices around your home, near where you spend a lot of time, or near an electronic device, the reaction contained within the Orgonite itself emits enough Positive Orgone Energy to clear and heal your body.

Each orgonite piece we make is unique and we take custom orders through email to

How to Program an Orgone Generator with an Intention

If you've purchased an Orgone Generator (OG) from us, below are the instructions on how to program it with an intention should you chose to do so.

Step 1: Have an intention in mind.

Example, “I would like to…:

  • Have my body heal

  • Remove bad dreams

  • Fall in love

  • Lose weight

  • Heal a relationship

  • Experience a loving relationship, a true friendship, a happy household etc.

  • Have reduced stress, pressure, judgement, blame or shame put upon me

  • Let go of a memory

  • Let go of anything not serving me

  • Allow myself to RECEIVE, forgive, love, grieve etc.

  • Allow myself to FEEL peace, joy, love, acceptance, courage etc.

  • Allow myself to RELEASE shame, guilt, fear, desire, anger etc.

  • Be grateful everyday”.

Step 2: Put the intention in the Orgone Generator.

  1. In a quiet room, sit with the Orgone Generator in your right palm

  2. Close your eyes and bring about the intention you wish to have the Orgone Generator amplify

  3. Bring your attention to the area around your heart

  4. Visualize how it would feel to have the outcome you desire or imagine yourself in the future with this intention met

  5. Visualize the energy going from your heart, down your right arm and into the Orgone Generator

  6. Sit with the stream of energy going into the OG for a few minutes.

Step 3: Processing of the intention.

Keep your OG near you for the next 2-3 days as much as possible. Every time you gaze upon your device, remember the visual and the intention you placed in the OG.

Step 4: Place Orgone Generator in your home, office, vehicle etc.

Your OG can be placed anywhere you spend a lot of time and it will have positive effects on your environment. Placing devices near electronics can stop negative energy emitting from where it originates.

Step 5: Let the magic happen.

You have placed your intention and energetic vibrations into a powerful energy generator which will amplify and project your intentions into the universe.

You may clear and reprogram your OG as much as you would like. To maintain the original intention I would suggest reprogramming your OG every 6-12 months.

Visit our shop at for all available orgonite pieces.

May you love and be the light,


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