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Replacing Fear

I've been struggling with a bit of fear lately, as I know many in the collective are. Much of humanity is living with a fear vibe right now; fear of the pandemic, finances, rejection, change, expressing feelings, freedom, being ostracized, fear of feeling safe, fear of the future, fear of other's judgement, fear of how we are perceived, and the list goes on. Fear causes anxiety and anxiety causes suffering. Well, I don't want to suffer with fear anymore and I invite you to join me.

Fear is an emotion programmed and imprinted into us through social conditioning and it fuels our behaviour. Fear limits our lives, holds us back, causes worry, and it MAKES US SICK. It is also a means for controlling others. I caught myself the other day using fear to get my son to do better in school by saying "If you don't do well in school then you will become a bum on the street!" (a comment completely stemming from my own fear of being homeless I see). Fear has a low vibration when measured in hertz and it even has a lower vibration than anger as shown in the vibration chart below. I would consider love as the opposite emotion from fear, which has five times the hertz!

When we allow a low vibration to take residence in our body, it creates 'dis'ease. Fear causes resistance in the body and makes us rigid and stiff. It causes tension, tightness, and inflexibility throughout the body and holds the body hostage, inhibiting it from moving with flow and freedom. In sessions with clients, fear is one of the most common emotions I see trapped in organs, in the back, and in muscles. It also affects our mind as fear limits our ability to use our imagination and creativity. Think about all the times you say "I wish I could..." but then close off further consideration because you think something is out of reach for this or that reason, most commonly a fear based rationale.

I've been paying close attention to all of my fear based thoughts. Indeed it was fear that held me back from quitting my corporate job as the fear of not having a regular income was crippling. But it was also this same fear that held me from achieving my life purpose and dreams. Fear isn't real. It's an illusion constructed by our primitive mammal brains. Sure, it serves a purpose if our safety is being compromised, but most of the time it limits our ability to reach our highest potential. So...F*ck Fear. I'm done with it as it's only holding me back. Thoughts become things, and I refuse to let fear inhibit my dreams.

I am going to change my mindset about fear. Every time I recognize a thought based in fear, I am choosing to immediately replace it with one of my carefully crafted thoughts or affirmations below:

  • I choose to release this fear

  • I trust the process of life to take me only to my highest good

  • Health, wealth and abundance surround me

  • What would I do if fear wasn't involved in this decision?

  • I chose to focus on the possibility of <XYZ>

  • I consistently embrace positivity and optimism

  • My immune system is strong

  • I always have my needs met with ease

  • Miracles are abundant in my life

  • I can manifest <XYZ> with ease

  • I am safe and secure in this world

  • My future is bright and ripe with potential

  • I trust the universe to provide for me

  • If it feels right, my needs will always be met

  • I flow in life with ease and grace

  • The universe consistently provides for me beyond my imagination

Will you join me in substituting your fear based thoughts with phrases of higher vibration? Send me a note on my website here or through one of my social media platforms. I'd love to hear and discuss your fear thoughts and ways you choose to replace them. The power of the mind is all we need to make positive changes in our lives.

May you love and be the light.



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