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What is the Cosmic Rose Business?

I'm not sure how almost two months has passed by without me writing a blog! I have certainly been posting on social media quite a bit and seem to have fallen away from my intended weekly blogs. I am also getting the sense Instagram is the new "blog" for a couple of reasons 1) Content creators don't always have a website 2) Readers aren't as interested in going to websites anymore as they are more interested in getting all information in one place i.e. social media apps. But alas, I have a website and will continue to be old school and write blogs. I am a Gen-X'er after all.

If you follow my business you may have seen how Cosmic Rose has been expanding to offer more services and products over the last five months. I thought I would just do virtual Reiki sessions, but it's turned out to be much more. October of 2020 was my first full month of being self-employed and it was a CRAZY month. I had more distance reiki sessions than I have ever had, and it was really amazing for me to realize my business had potential, especially after quitting my high paying corporate job. I saw my business materialize into a viable business. In November I signed up for a meditation facilitator course, started hosting Meditation Mondays, started creating orgonite, and also taught my first Reiki Level 1 course virtually. None of those things were in the business plan for Cosmic Rose! So what happened? Well, I feel like I have more time to meditate now, so I do meditate about an hour a day, and I am super impressed with what my inner voice has to say to me. It's constantly giving me ideas and guiding me on my next steps. I'm also listening and honouring the messages I receive more. I've developed a trusting relationship with myself, and I am trusting the universe to guide me. So, I just keep going with the flow, and my business keeps evolving. I keep recognizing the synchronicities and opportunities popping up and it's leading me on a journey of discovery with my business.

Currently Cosmic Rose has a number of offerings including virtual reiki sessions, guided one-on-one meditation sessions, hosting online spiritual events, facilitating weekly group meditations, teaching Reiki, and making orgonite tools to elevate the vibrations in physical spaces.

So what's in store for Cosmic Rose? The mission of Cosmic Rose is to assist with the ascension of individuals to become homo-luminous, or "light beings", which we can do in this lifetime. I am a change agent for this critical time in history. I will continue to heed the call of the universe and will offer services and products to elevate the collective consciousness. I am open to receive information, remember wisdom, and transform my business as needed to serve my mission. I hope to see you along the ride and thank you to everyone who has supported my small business so far!

May you love and be the light.


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