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A Metaphysical View of the Second Wave

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is here, at least in Calgary, Alberta, where we have been sequestered away into our homes again, away from the masses of people and away from socializing in person. When I look at the metaphysical aspects of this second wave, there are two things happening; Mother Earth has been forced to create balance, and there is a massive global paradigm shift beginning.

Mother Earth & Balance

Humans have taken too much from Mother Earth over the last 100 years, and she ("Gaia") is not having it. We have forgotten how to live in balance with Gaia and she has combatted against humanity and created a virus to force us to pay attention.

The origin point of the virus was a meat market. A market full of cruelty, violence, blood, unsanitary conditions, and a complete lack of respect and heart for the sentient beings being slaughtered en masse. What does a market like this tell us of humanity? That we are exploiting seemingly 'lesser' sentient beings, in order to sustain ourselves - a very glutenous act. We have lost the rituals, language, and connection with the sentient beings of the Earth. First Nations people were taught to respect the land, live off the land in unity, and to listen to Gaia and all her heart beating wonders. We have lost and forgotten the grounded nature of our being and have moved into a space of greed. Gaia has turned up the volume of her feminine power and is tipping the tables in an effort to regain the balance and equilibrium of how humans live on this earth. She started slowly with earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, flooding, fires and other diseases, but it wasn't enough to make humans perceive the world differently en masse. Gaia has now created a virus which has caused humans to retreat into our boxes to ensure we do not cause more issues. Humans are in the penalty box and on a time out. Gaia needs us to change our perspective on how humans live in peace and reciprocity with the gifts of the land. The gluttony needs to stop and we have been halted in our tracks.

Global Paradigm Shift

There is a massive spiritual awakening taking place within the consciousness of the human collective RIGHT NOW. Huge vibrational changes are taking place amoungst humanity in an effort for us to awaken to new possibilities and perspectives. We are supported from higher dimensional beings during this shift and we have access within our own consciousness to all the information we need. Some of us purposefully chose to incarnate on this planet during this great shift of consciousness. If you are reading this blog, you are likely one of them. You are now being asked to activate your purpose and remember who you are and why you are on the planet at this time. You hold an important key towards the movement towards a unified consciousness.

This shift is even written in the stars. Saturn and Jupiter will soon come together in Aquarius on the winter solstice, December 21, 2020. This astrological grand conjuncture signifies endings, beginnings, and a perspective shift in how we view our reality and society. There will be a gradual unfolding of these new energies which will start to shift the reality for those who are ready to experience it. This event indicates a massive reformation of power structures, end to the status quo, reduction in materialism, and an increase in attracting magnetically what is desired.

This second wave is giving us another opportunity to look inwards. At what other time in your life have you been able to stop the hustle and bustle of the outside world and focus on your inner world, your immediate family, and your relationship with yourself? Going inside our homes is a metaphor for us to go inside our minds. It's time to sync up our body, mind, and soul connection. It's time to remember why you are here. You can do this by going inside your singular consciousness to find out what is hidden in your soul.

I have received the consistent message for the past nine months from higher dimensional beings to DO THE WORK. We are being asked to release lower density energies to ascend to higher dimensional consciousnesses - this takes some work. The age of Aquarius signifies the time for individuals to connect to the super-consciousness, or unity consciousness. It's time to let go of anything not serving you, and to go inside your mind and explore your consciousness.

Humanity has received significant signs from Mother Earth that it is time to change our ways. If each one of us elevates our consciousness, we are bound to transform the planet through love and compassion for all. We are being called to take action and to get ready for the great shift to transpire. Will you heed the message?

May you love and be the light,


Ways to release lower density energies:

  • Meditate. Use whatever methods resonate with you. Use guided meditations via apps (Calm, Headspace etc.), YouTube, podcasts, Apple Music, Spotify, or a trusted facilitator.

  • Sit quietly with yourself and feel your body vibrate.

  • Shadow work. Go into your darkest, saddest, most difficult memories, traumas, and tragedies and release, forgive, and let go. You can do this with a shadow work facilitator, coach, guide, mentor, mental health expert, or lightworker. Stop ignoring what is holding you back and start to heal your emotional body. We will not be able to elevate our frequencies if we continue to ignore lower vibrational emotions stuck in our body.

  • Avoid activities you do not enjoy as these will lower your energetic vibrations and impede your ascension progress.

  • Get energy work done. Reiki professionals or any other type of lightworker can help to remove dense energies from your body.

  • Attend virtual spiritual events, or take spiritual courses. Reiki, yoga, meditation, channeling, etc. Courses can help you understand the new energies on the planet right now and connect you to like minded people.

  • Read books on topics you are called to explore.

  • Learn new skills and expand your perspectives.

  • Move away from giving attention to media outlets for more than a few minutes each day.

  • Reduce time spent on social media or other time draining activities.

  • Clean up your eating habits, juice more, and stay away from processed foods. Get that temple ready to accept higher, lighter vibrations!

  • Minimize the use of alcohol, mind altering substances, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Move your body, exercise, go for walks, get fresh air, all of which will help your body to let go of what is no longer serving you.

  • Avoid toxic people or people who bring your vibrations down. Chose to spend time with people you resonate with.

  • Continuously improve yourself in whatever ways you are being called to.

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