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Cosmic Rose: The New Reiki & Healing Service in Los Gatos, CA

Updated: Jun 20

Hello, I'm Devani, and I have recently relocated to Los Gatos, California from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My spouse and I have decided to make this charming town our home, as he pursues his career in tech in the South Bay Area.

Devani in Los Gatos California

With this move, I am excited to bring my passion for healing to the community through my company, Cosmic Rose Inc.

I operate the Healing Van, a mobile service offering Healing Sessions, a unique combination of Reiki, Breathwork, and Meditation in a 75 minute session. Whether you prefer one-on-one or group sessions, my focus is on helping you heal various aspects of your life so you can thrive in your physical health, personal relationships, professional life, and overall well-being.

My journey into healing began with practicing Reiki on friends and family, while working full-time in Oil & Gas as a leader in Human Resources. My part-time business soon blossomed into a thriving practice in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to the point where I chose to quit working in the corporate world and moved to focus on helping others heal themselves with Reiki.

I soon expanded my expertise by becoming a certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor with Dr. Deepak Chopra's organization. The transformative power of this meditation technique deeply impacted my life, and I felt compelled to share it with others. In 2023, I furthered my skills by studying Clarity Breathwork with Ashanna and Dana in Costa Rica. The profound experiences I had with Clarity Breathwork led me to integrate it into my offerings. I now offer a unique service, which I call a Healing Session, which combines Reiki WITH Breathwork to cleanse, clear, and energize the mind and body.

Providing a distinctive service in Los Gatos, CA, I operate a mobile van that delivers transformation right to your doorstep! Recognizing the hectic pace of modern life, I address transportation and time constraints by bringing peace and tranquility directly to you.

I also provide group meditation and breathwork sessions, ideal for gatherings of friends or a girls' event. These events typically start with a cacao ceremony and intention setting, followed by the main event of meditation or breathing, and then finish up with a sharing circle, and maybe sharing food. These functions are great ways to create connection within a group of people in a unique way, without the use of substances.

My Services

Reiki is a form of energy healing that promotes relaxation, helps heal injuries and illnesses, and fosters harmony in relationships and life. By transferring universal energy through my palms into a persons energy field, Reiki can reduce tension, enhance the body's natural healing processes, and balance emotional energy. This leads to improved physical and emotional well-being, making you feel more balanced and content.

Clarity Breathwork uses conscious breathing techniques to facilitate emotional release, reduce stress, and deepen self-connection. By accessing the subconscious, it helps process past traumas and unresolved emotions, promoting emotional liberation. This practice activates deep relaxation, boosts self-awareness, and can lead to a more vibrant and fulfilled life.

Primordial Sound Meditation involves using specific mantras to achieve peace and clarity. This technique reduces stress, enhances focus, and improves overall quality of life by quieting the mind and fostering inner peace. Regular practice can lead to greater happiness, emotional stability, and spiritual growth, contributing to a more balanced and meaningful life.

If you're interested in experiencing the transformative power of Reiki, Breathwork, or Meditation in a one-on-one or group session, please reach out using one of the methods below. I'd be happy to discuss how we can co-create the perfect session for you.

Thank you for welcoming me into the Los Gatos community. I can't wait to help you thrive and live your best life.


Devani in Los Gatos California

I am a light worker dedicated to the elevation and ascension of the collective human consciousness. I use Clarity Breathwork, Reiki and Meditation to empower my clients to realize their best selves.

I am certified in Usui, Karuna, Holy Fire, and Violet Flame Reiki, and work with Deepak Chopra sharing his Primordial Sound Meditation to support the vision of having 1 billion people meditating regularly.


Cosmic Rose Breathwork Reiki Meditation Logo

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