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Meditation Mondays with Mandi

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

These meditations will give a unique experience to those who are both avid meditators and those who would like to give meditating a try. As life gets busy, it's difficult sometimes to set aside time for ourselves and this is an opportunity for you to schedule yourself in for a quick meditation every Monday to get set for the week ahead.

This is a guided meditation experience where I will lead you to go within yourself for 20 minutes. This specific style of meditation is made to create clarity, shift perspectives, change self-talk, demolish roadblocks, boost creativity, access your honest truth, build resilience and tap into infinite possibilities. I will not be teaching you how to meditate, rather, it is an experience of meditation to go within yourself and is an opportunity to explore your mind (rather than emptying it).

Each week will have a different topic focused on one of the many ubiquitous human struggles. All you have to do is register, login a few minutes before the session starts, and close your eyes and relax while I guide you within.

Here's how the Meditation Mondays work:

  1. Participants enter the Zoom room on mute (best to login a few minutes before 12:00pm MST).

  2. There is minimal discussion before the meditation, however, I do a brief topic introduction.

  3. Meditation begins and I will guide you.

  4. Once you are in a meditative state, I give you specific cues related to the theme for the day.

  5. I then guide you gently to come back to your body.

  6. Participants logoff or stay to chat about the experience or to ask any questions.

Everyone is welcome no matter what level of experience you have with meditating.

Meditations start promptly at 12:00 MST and are held every Monday with sessions lasting about 20 minutes from start to finish.

Registration is pay as you go, month to month, or you can purchase 6 or 12 months in bulk by contacting me @ The $5 per month fee is an introductory price and may increase at a later date. To register click the link below and once you provide your name and email address you will be sent a confirmation email with calendar invites and links to access the Mediation Monday via Zoom. You can chose to pay online via credit card or PayPal during the registration process, or via email money transfer to after you register.

Here are some tips to help you get setup for success via Zoom:

  • There is no need to show your video or have your name showing during the meditation. It's only important for you to hear me.

  • I recommend using a headset or earbuds to block out any surrounding noise.

  • You can log into the Zoom room from any device, however, you may need to download an app depending on the device you are using so please be prepared on the first day.

  • On the first day please login a few minutes early to ensure you navigate the technology to get into the Zoom room on time.

  • As this is a 100% virtual experience there may be some WIFI or internet challenges which are out of our control. Don't panic if we have technology issues or if the connection is lost. If this happens, just stay where I had last cued you for as long as you can until the connection resumes. If technology fails us, I may reschedule or follow up with you afterwards to offer a one on one or a smaller group session.

As this is a new concept, you might have questions about logistics. I have answered some questions I've already received below, but feel free to text me at 403-988-6722 to ask any others to ensure you are setup for success.

Questions & Answers:

What if I am late to the call?

Login late anyways and Mandi will let you into the room. Be aware you will just need some extra time to sink into the meditation to get caught up to the point we are at.

What if I cannot make every Monday?

No problem, you can add on the missed day(s) to the end of your month. Text me at 403-988-6722 to get an extra link to the extra day(s) into the next month.

I'm in the office on Mondays at this time - how can I make this work?

This experience is made to fit your lifestyle and can be accessed from anywhere you are comfortable. Many people are in meetings all day via virtual platforms while sitting at their desk and I'd encourage you to treat this as any other meeting - except it's for YOURSELF! Close your door to your office, get comfy in your cubicle, book a meeting room at work, login from your car, or just find any quiet space to log in.

I am extremely excited to bring this opportunity to the working community and also to those who are interested in trying something new. It's my hope to have meditation become a regular part of everyone's day and I'm honoured to be a part of your meditation journey!

May you love and be the light,



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