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The Power of Light Language: Elevating Humanity Through Channeling from Source

It's true, my soul comes from the Andromeda Galaxy and I have access to galactic wisdom and healing modalities beyond what is typical on the Earth plane. I know. It's a big statement, but it's what I've realized after several years of deep inner work and self-discovery. It's now time for me to come forth more publicly with galactic encoded activations for humanity. It's time for us to remember who we are, and light language is here to activate our DNA to unlock powerful latent information within us to bring forth the pinnacle of the human existence.

Devani, Healing Master, showing a hand gesture of light language where fingers are displaying a light language activation.

My Definition of Light Language

Light language comes directly from Source and translates itself in varied ways depending on the personality and life experiences of the individual channeling it. The frequencies comes through the channeler in intuitive ways (it is not consciously created) and may show up as vocal patterns, hand gestures, or written symbols. In whatever form it manifests itself in, the light language creates an activation in the DNA for those interacting with it. The energy opens up cell memory that transforms the individual in various ways. I've seen it create spontaneous healing, realign chakras, provide messages, correct life paths, clear ancestral trauma, and heal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds.

My Channeled Light Language

I speak light language and allow it to come through as it may through my voice and it usually presents itself in my healing sessions or when I do psychedelic work. I also allow my hands to move in intricate patterns which reinforces the transmission in the 3D and provides a visual representation of the vocal frequencies. (Check out my Instagram or TikTok profiles where I'll be delivering more light language transmissions as they come through.) I can usually understand a theme in the frequencies, but the sounds cannot be translated into human language, just as musical notes and patterns do not translate into words or sentences. Hearing the sounds, or seeing the patterns in my hands is what is important. If you are a recipient of such a transmission, then you may feel the energy swirling from within your being.

How I Got Started Speaking Light Language

People always ask how I started with Light Language and I've traced it back to when I was working with an Autistic boy a few years ago in a distance Reiki session. I noticed a tingle in my vocal cords that didn't seem like a sensation I had experienced before. When I focused on the sensation, I found myself speaking out loud in sounds and patterns I'd never heard myself make before. I felt like I accessed an entirely new field of knowledge that was different than Reiki, and different than anything

Flower of Life in circle with Remember Who you Are

else I had understood was possible. The energy started swirling in patterns and shapes around the boy creating an intricate weave of high frequency that seemed to transmute low vibrations in an exceptionally efficient way. I was blown away by the impact these energies had on the session, and started to research what it could have been. Not surprisingly, I couldn't find much on the internet, but I did find a short video on Light Language which resonated deeply, and I knew I had found a concept to explain what I was speaking. I've now integrated Light Language into my healing sessions and allow it to unfold organically when I feel a tickle at the back of my throat.

I've opened myself up as a clear channel to Light Language, and understand it comes right from Source, into the quantum realm of infinite possibilities, and weaves through me and out into the third dimension to this plane of existence. It's unique and intense frequency is activating cellular memories and elevating our consciousness to help us remember who we are, why we are here, and it's helping to restore peace and harmony on Earth. Whether spoken or manifested through the movements of my hands, it feels as though I'm sending out vibrations that hold the power to profoundly influence the healing process of planet Earth and all its inhabitants. I know. It's a big claim, but I'm here for it, and I'm here to help with humanity's ascension to higher realms of existence beyond what we think of as possible.

Sending cosmic love and healing light your way.


Devani from Cosmic Rose Reiki Breathwork and Meditation in Mission Beach California

I am a light worker dedicated to the elevation and ascension of the collective human consciousness. I use Clarity Breathwork, Reiki and Meditation to empower my clients to realize their best selves.

I am certified in Usui, Karuna, Holy Fire, and Violet Flame Reiki, and work with Deepak Chopra sharing his Primordial Sound Meditation to support the vision of having 1 billion people meditating regularly.


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